Barbara Wiedenbein, Common Pleas Clerk of Courts
Paul C. Kamphaus, Municipal Clerk of Court
Clermont County, Ohio
General Division Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations - Costs and Filing Fees

Costs or Type of Filing Cost
Divorce, Legal Separation & Annulment with Children $400.00
Divorce, Legal Separation & Annulment without Children $325.00
Dissolution with Children $350.00
Dissolution without Children $300.00
Parental Investigation $250.00
Notice by Publication $550.00
Registration of Foreign Decree $50.00
Registration of Foreign Decree with Motion for Enforcement or Modification $215.00
Post Decree Motions $165.00
Garnishment $50.00
Appeal to Court of Appeals $225.00
Foreign County Sheriff Service $60.00
Counrtclaim $50.00
Copies (per page) $.10
Witness fees (per day) plus mileage $12.00