Barbara Wiedenbein, Common Pleas Clerk of Courts
Paul C. Kamphaus, Municipal Clerk of Court
Clermont County, Ohio

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Municipal Criminal/Traffic Division Forms :

Criminal/Traffic Fax : (513) 732-7831

Municipal Civil Division Forms :

Civil Fax : (513) 732-8134

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Bond Questionnaires
  • Municipal Bond Questionnaire Forms Page (Print and Complete Bond Questionnaire if required)

  • Zoning Violation Forms
  • Zoning Violation

  • Clermont County Humane Society
  • 955.11 - Transfer of Ownership or Possession of dog
  • 955.22 - Confinement or Restraint of dog
  • 955.22(E)(2) - Failure to Obtain Dangerous dog certificate from County Auditor
  • 955.22(E)(3)(a) - Failure to Notify local dog warden
  • 955.22(E)(3)(b) - Failure to Notify local dog warden
  • 959.131 - Cruelty to a companion animal