Barbara Wiedenbein, Common Pleas Clerk of Courts
Tim Rudd, Municipal Clerk of Court
Clermont County, Ohio
Selections and Requirements Types of Juries & Length of Service Notification and Procedures

Types of Juries & Length of Service

Most jurors will be selected to serve on a "petit jury". The number of jurors required is determined by the type of case and the court in which the proceedings will be held. If a trial is expected to last more than one day, the judge may decide to have alternate jurors selected in the case something should happen to one of the original jury panel. Jurors selected for service on a "petit jury" in this county are "on call" for one week.

The "grand jury" does not decide guilt or innocence. Rather these jurors hear evidence and decide whether a person should be "indicted" and tried for committing a crime. Persons selected on a grand jury serve a two month term and report on alternating Tuesday or Thursday mornings.