Barbara Wiedenbein, Common Pleas Clerk of Courts
Paul C. Kamphaus, Municipal Clerk of Court
Clermont County, Ohio
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Municipal - Criminal Division

Municipal Court Criminal Division is responsible for criminal cases where the possible penalty is limited to no more than twelve months incarceration and/or a maximum fine of $1,000.00. Complaints and offenses include but are not limited to theft, domestic violence, menacing, criminal damaging, and use or possession of illegal drugs. (Criminal files are also located in the Court of Common Pleas.)

The Clerk of Courts' office processes criminal complaints, initiates and maintains the case file, issues summonses/warrants, provides bail bond information, processes and witnesses posting of bond. This office collects and distributes fines and restitution.

Payment Methods:

At the present time we accept credit card payments, cash, check and money order. Please make checks and money orders payable to: Clermont County Municipal Court

Information regarding court procedures, practices, fees and costs can be found in the Municipal Administrative Rules

Municipal Criminal - Costs and Filing Fees

PDF File of Filing fees effective 03/17/2022

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